Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Robbie Wiliams

Close your eyes so you dont feel them,
They dont need to see you cry
I cant promise I will heal you,
But if you want to I will try.

I sing the summer serenade
The past is done, we've been betrayed, its true.
Someone said the truth will out
I believe without a doubt, in you

You were there for summer dreamin',
And you gave me what I need.
And I hope you'll find your freedom,
For eternity, for eternity.

Yesterday when you were walking,
You talked about your Mom and Dad.
What they did had made you happy,
What they didn't made you sad.

We sat and watched the sun go down,
Picked a star before we lost the moon.
Youth is wasted on the young,
Before you know its come and gone too soon.


  1. dc...incearca si Goo Goo Dolls - Iris...cu dedicatie speciala pentru tine...it's dam' good...

  2. Faina piesa. Si City of angels nu e rau. Mersi pentru dedicatie.


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